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I always new in my heart it is a very special sign. Im a fire horse woman, i can so understand myself more now and my strengths! Could i get any more stronger influences?? I have enjoyed reading everyones comments, any other saggitarian fire woman out there to compare note with?? I am a female fire horse born december 28, from Irvine California. I have two wonderful daughters and am currently married. I had 12 jobs in 15 years period of working.

I never understood why I am never happy at any single job, like I am destined to do something else greater. I am still looking for that special something to complete my life. Thanks for this website!

Chinese Astrology: Metal Horse

I am march 19 Woman! And I am powerful.. Deeply in LOve with Fire Horse man!! WE are very special!!! Wonderful site. Yes, from my own experience as a Fire Horse woman; we feel and know we are destined for something bigger, never stop learning, never quit, never pessimistic, self-reliant, love to impart knowledge, ethical, have to help, compassionate, passionate, realistic, always multitasking, courageous, mystical, spiritually aware, acute gut instinct, thrive on challenges, gutsy, can-do attitude, visionaries, entrepeneurial, natural born leaders.

A chauvinistic male client once put it this way " You've got balls". On the negative: inner insecurity, power and status hunger, risk takers, opinionated, stubborn, workaholics, love solitude, find it hard to delegate, procastinators, fiery temper when provoked, non-sentimental, self-absorbed, domineering, self-important, scheming, controlling. To be honest, sometimes I wonder how my husband copes with me.

We have been married 20 years, love each other and have three great kids,22,12 and 5. Go figure! I am so intrigued! I am a Fire Horse Woman born May 27 Reading all of this makes so much sense to endless confusion of listening to others, especially my ex boyfriend of 3 years! I have always had a strong sense of my strength and I've been told I am a woman of power!

Not by him though, he tried to make me feel like less of a person and I always felt like I was being tied to the ground. I ran and am honoring myself this year for the first time in my life! You can be sure I will keep on reading about this. I'm a Fire Horse Woman. Very interesting story, I always knew I was different often in a good way! I've been interested in the fire horse folklore for years I noticed how people in my yr.

I read that fire horse women are avoided in Chinese folklore, that men who marry one will die an early death. There may be some reason for this, as horse women are often strong and independent, and the fire yr. A woman who is strong and because of this may wind up in marriage to men who may be "wild" in some ways and more prone to early death. I look at a lovely fire horse, Cindy Crawford, has a husband who is a motorcyclist, for example, an active man who could end up dying early, but, may live a long and happy life, too. I have always been fascinated with all sides of astrology, be it traditional or Chinese.

As a fire horse Scorpio woman, I have always known that my future could run to extremes. Those two very strong signs together make for an interesting life. Of course, my life is what I make it and what I choose it to be, but having such a single-minded intense focus in about everything I do, coupled with fierce independence and an inbred knowledge that I can do anything I set my mind to, can make life a bit rough for those around me. I feel like Leonie does I find I constantly need to rein myself in a little and remember how overpowering and intimidating I can be Well, ok, sometimes I do.

Life is pre determined, many people I love have died. Those who have set apon me 2 bring me pain will be cursed ten fold. I am a fire horse and I have cursed many I can honestly say what I read and have since been reading about the Fire Horse Woman fits me to a 'T'. I, then, went on a self destruction path of great magnitude until my mid-twenties. I had always felt uniquely special but not from anyone or anything externally. I have always been a truly compassionate girl with spunk for days drawing people near me like a magnet.

I love people, well, most people, ok Gratitude has always played a big role in my outlook, and specifically my joyful heart has been my biggest gift.

Laughter has always been my best friend. I went on to have 3 beautiful children whom I adore. My marriage I married a man whom I referred to as my "spaghetti on Sunday night" guy and for 17 years, he was that But two years ago, after falling into a deep depression, he committed suicide. I did not see this coming even with all my keen intuition. I simply was too close to see it coming. I was left in a middle class life with no life insurance and no career. You see, I had been a dutiful mother, volunteering in every capacity, and was a stay at home mother for 17 years. I was devastated and so filled with fear.

I fell into a depression and had no hope.

Chinese Astrology Horse and Tiger Compatibility

One day several months later, I picked myself up and "dusted my knees" in a big way, and said, "I must do this for my kids. I never knew the courage or inner strength that I possess. I am now a college student making all the young kids in my classes laugh! I absolutely love to learn and what had become a very rote and mundane life is now becoming a newly created and inspired life I am going to join the Feminist Majority club on my college campus.

We, Women, rock I am a Fire Horse I'm wild wreckless rebelious I also married a fire horse man whom is just as i. OK this is NOT going to be popular but here it goes: my low life, child abandoning, thieving, deceitful sister who has brought so much embarassment, etc. To her family is indeed a fire horse.

Has never had a real job in her life, sucks the money and life out of everyone. Oh yeah she thinks she is special and powerful and all that but doesn't everyone? Lol but all I see is pathetic weakness and pathology. I am not one for believing this stuff but I do believe there are shreds of truth to be found in the amazing world around us. I also believe that too many things can influence outcomes and I believe in freewill not fate.

The Chinese Zodiac Sign of Horse - Primal Astrology

But this is just so spot on with her that I had to point it out. Knowing this, I am leery of this fire horse man I just met and like. He definitely is highly accomplished and very easy going so I will wait and see but this has definitely spooked me a bit and I am not superstitious. It does not matter now but if I were approaching a fire horse year and I wwas contemplating pregnancy I would absolutely wait!

This is so interesting! And this is very rare for a woman in Asia. Luckily my family accepts the fact that it can't tame a Fire Horse and has never tried to chain me! So firehorses of the World, Live instead of Existing, Grin! Hi, from January of A proud fire horse too, we are two in my family, with only 8 days of difference. We are both very intelligent, independent and strong.

I always knew that I was a fire horse even when I was little, I always felt deeply close to the spirit of a wild horse and despised all the fear about us, I feel very honour to be one. My life has not be the most simple one, ups and downs was there but I am here, a mother of a beloved daughter, divorce for long, untamed but sweet and with a romantic and artistic soul, I am full of ideas, love to write poetry and paint sometimes.

We are really different, but that do not have to be bad, our energy and charisma is amazing when people do not fear us, and we have so much to teach and learn, I love to learn. I loved to read our comments and meet you all. Blessings, I wish you the best. Stay strong and be you. Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears from the eyes of woman. He likes to see her happy and gay, which she is, and she finds his dedicated and candid determination very charming.

They like to live life to the brim and will not think much of the future. Horse Husband and Boar Wife He is compelling, appealing and attractive and will be able to convince the submissive and amiable Boar to toe his line. She is compassionate and social and will enjoy doing everything with the Horse.

But then, being too faithful she expects more attention from him than he is prepared to give. Rat Elegant and innovative, the Rats like to experiment and ideate along with working out the possible logistics. Usually, they may appear to be shy and reserved. Boar A Boar is somebody who is honest, sincere and courageous. Although they may come across as snobbish people, they are quite easy-going and humble in real. Boars are gifted with a great endurance level.

Dragon The animal sign, which loves to be under the spotlight and take the centre stage, is Dragon. Their energy level and enthusiasm are worth envying for.

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Monkey Extremely clever, jovial, flexible and extraordinarily creative are all those born during a Monkey year. They may surprise you with their presence of mind, sharp observations and intellectual discussions. Rooster Fearless and adventurous are the key words that can be associated with Roosters or chicken as they are also called.

Always protective about their near and dear ones, they are ready to fight for any. Sheep Sheep is the eighth sign in the Chinese zodiac calendar, and according to Chinese Astrology, the number 8 signifies comfort and prosperity, and so are granted to the Sheep.

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The words. Snake The Snake personality, according to the Chinese zodiac, can be called the most mysterious of all. They have an. Tiger A courageous protector, with a rebellious nature is how the Chinese Astrology describes the personality of a person born in a Tiger year. Hailing from the cat family, Tigers love to be surrounded by pets,. Dog Their irresistible charm and straightforwardness make the Dogs the most likeable personalities in the entire Chinese Zodiac. Just like the animal that represents them, the people born under a Dog year are.

Their unmatchable determination and willpower to meet success, is what makes them what they are industrious individuals. An Ox is always. Rabbit Rabbits are the luckiest of all the twelve Sun signs. Rabbit men may often be tagged as gentleman because of their chivalrous and courteous nature. Calm and cool-headed, the Rabbits are kind and gentle with. Horse With soaring energy levels and unmatchable zeal for life, the Horse are always on the go!

The dynamic personalities as they are, they are always up to making inventions and discoveries. Chirpy and witty,. Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state. Login Or Register. Customer care 10am — 6pm, India. Boar-Horse Compatibility. Both believe in making the most of any opportunity they tap. Their levels of optimism are high en Read More…. Both of them believe in leading a peaceful and independent l ife. The Rat husband find Read More…. Rat and enterprising Mrs. Dragon form a picture perfect couple. And the fact that both are equally competent, passionate, optimistic and determined m akes their future brig Read More….

Rat-Horse Compatibility Rat Husband and Horse Wife Both firmly believe in independence and free spiritedness, but hardly practise what they preach, when it comes to giving each other space. The Rat man seeks a partner who is as indulgent and expressive as he is. Whereas here, he partners a woman who is more of a cyn ical critic than a dot Read More…. On the other hand, an Ox woman is the embodi ment of devotion and compe Read More…. Rat-Rabbit Compatibility Rat Husband and Rabbit Wife The marriage between a Rat man and a Rabbit woman may not augur well, because of their diametrically opposite personalities.

The Rat man rides on his sentiments, where as the indifferent Rab Read More…. However, they may fail to see eye to eye sometimes, especially if one of them is a bit too much for the other. For example, t Read More…. Whereas here, he partners a woman who is more of a cyn ical critic than a do Read More…. Rat-Sheep Compatibility Rat Husband and Sheep Wife The Rat man is practical and ambitious, whereas the Sheep woman loves being caressed with flashy displays of emotion.

This is where they collide very often, for they s imply fail to come to t Read More…. However, the extent to which they will go i n order to achieve mari Read More…. For, he makes it a point to give as much time to his family as he gives to his profession. Wherea Read More…. Boar-Boar Compatibility Boar Husband and Boar Wife This union could be a workable one if the partners are able to take the good and bad alike.

Both of them will be strong, audacious but modest. They may lack purpose in life and may lack the t Read More…. Boar-Dog Compatibility Boar Husband and Dog Wife They will enjoy a compassionate and acceptable relationship despite their differing notions about life. Both are strong, open and truthful and are inclined to give it their best shot. The Dog, Read More…. Boar-Dragon Compatibility Boar Husband and Dragon Wife This union will be reasonably successful and the gains will be more than the losses.

Both are enthusiastic and compelling in their own separate ways. The commanding Dr agon lady could inspir Read More…. Boar-Horse Compatibility Boar Husband and Horse Wife Both parties are overindulgent and outgoing and could gain from each other to a great extent. H e likes to see her happ Read More…. Boar-Monkey Compatibility Boar Husband and Monkey Wife This will be a fairly polite partnership, but the two may not be very captivated by each other.

The Boar is too forthright and fastidious for the obscure Monkey. She h as very strong tastes Read More…. The starkly different view of life and the disposition of the two lead frequently to friction in the relationship. Generall Read More…. She is wise, flexible and refined, and will convey some of her cleverness to him in a subtle way without him knowi Read More…. Boar-Rat Compatibility Boar Husband and Rat Wife These two are fairly attracted to each other, and they will make an attempt to be friendly and maintain a peaceful relationship. Both are extroverted and enthusiastic.

Their life will centre a Read More…. Boar-Rooster Compatibility Boar Husband and Rooster Wife This could turn out to be a workable union provided that both make appropriate sacrifices. There will definitely be clashes of interests but both have it in them to wo rk out solutions it t Read More…. Boar-Sheep Compatibility Boar Husband and Sheep Wife The two in this compatible union will give their best and nurse a deep and genuine love for each other.

He is athletic, chivalrous and concerned enough to make the sof t and emotional Sheep h Read More…. He thinks of her as too complicated and enigmatic. She is very sophisticated, forwar d looking and intellect Read More…. Both are devoted, aggressive and broad-minded in their outlook and will prop up each othe r quite nicely. The Boa Read More….

His is impetuous while she is forbearing and tolerant.

2. The Chinese zodiac is a recurring cycle.

He is combative a nd she loves to be th Read More…. Dragon-Dog Compatibility Dragon Husband and Dog Wife The union will be riddled with disputes as both are temperamental but in vastly different ways. Both are pugnacious, but he loves his space and will behave independen tly while she demands Read More…. She wil l not like to be su Read More…. But the studious Dragon may find her too irresolute and too detached about maintaining the house. Things be Read More…. He is drawn to her charisma while she appreciates his skills of leadership.

Both are go-getters and their perform ance is more than a Read More…. Dragon-Ox Compatibility Dragon Husband and Ox Wife Both have a strong sense of duty but are obstinate, a trait that could make or break a union. He works for name and fame, while she is more materialistic. If he fails in his efforts to earn Read More…. Dragon-Rabbit Compatibility Dragon Husband and Rabbit Wife She needs his courage and valour, while he relies on her efficiency and friendliness.

He is powerful and unreserved. She is clever and easygoing. She does up a cosy an d artistic home for Read More…. She will follow her ideal wherever he goes. He is big-hearted but she is tight-fisted and resourceful. Thus, while he toils away a Read More…. Dragon-Rooster Compatibility Dragon Husband and Rooster Wife Having smoothed out the wrinkles first, this couple can achieve a great deal of compatibility.

Her sharp discrimination comes in handy but her blunt remarks at times c an hurt his inflat Read More…. Dragon-Sheep Compatibility Dragon Husband and Sheep Wife This union calls for tremendous effort from both to succeed and is as such not very appealing. He is outgoing and self-reliant while she is emotive and temperamental. Generally, they act on their intuition. Passionate Horse men are passionate and cheerful. Whenever you meet them on road, they would greet you from afar. It is easy to get along with them and they have the ability to buddy the strangers. With them, you don't need to have any inhibition since they are casual and have very few rules.

Humorous The humorous male Horses can always find fun in the boring life and pass it on, which becomes a special charm making them popular with girls. As a result, they are surrounded by the opposite sex and make other men jealous of! Generous Another strength making them popular is that they are generous, not only in money matters but also in life details. When going out for dinner, they will pay the bill generously; when they are stepped on, they will smile and say never mind. Even if you say something and hurt them indeliberately, they will forgive you and won't care about it.

Generosity brings them more joys! Impatient The active Horse men like to go fast and lack of patience and persistence. When things come up, they tend to be impulsive, short-tempered and deaf to others' advice. Sometimes, this attitude hurts both others and themselves. Vain and Philistine Male Horses are not good at money management and have the awareness of increasing income other than reducing expenditure.

Meanwhile, they are face-saving, vain and tufthunting and always like to make friends with those who can bring them benefits. The philistine people, especially men, will lose a lot of joys and friends. Late-maturing Male Horses won't be conscious of those who are really good to them, including their parents, until old enough.